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Welcome to Super Galactic Gravity Battle!, or SGGB if you prefer. In this game you are a robot armed with a cannon, trying to defeat your opponents. The rules are simple, you win if you are the last man(or in this case, machine) standing.

The controls are a bit tricky at first, but you get used to them really quick:

-You need a controller to play(any kind of controller will do, but the Interface is meant for an Xbox Controller).

- Use you left joystick to move left or right.

- Left trigger to use your jetpack-like boost, but you must be carefull as it overheats.

- Right Trigger to shoot.

-Right joystick to aim.

Now here comes the tricky part. Every planet has its own gravity, so you can use the orbit of the planet you are near to to help you move through the map, but be careful, as the projectiles you shoot are also affected by gravity.

So gather up your friends(at least one of them), and get ready for a Super Galactic Gravity Battle!

Install instructions

Download the rar, extract everything inside and play the .exe file


SGGB.rar 93 MB

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