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Hi There! This is our entry for #ldjam40 !!

The premise of the game is that your health and mana are opposed, which means that if you use mana, your health increases, and if you get hurt, your mana increases.

But be careful, you die if your health drops to 0 OR if your mana drops to 0.

The game consists of and endless arcade kill-em-all. You have 3 abilities you can use (all of which consume mana), and enemies come in waves, every wave stronger.
There are 2 bosses that appear randomly every 3 waves.

Be sure to post your highscores in the comment section!

Install instructions

Download, unzip and execute the mana4life.exe, thats it!


mana4life.zip 443 MB
post-jam_mana4life 373 MB

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